Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Kelly - More "Lost" Maverick Episodes! ;->

Hi Everyone!

I did some additional research and discovered there are actually more "lost" episodes of Maverick.

I wondered why these episodes have never been shown on the Encore Westerns Channel. Well, according to the book Maverick: A Definitive History of The Beloved TV Classic Starring James Garner and That Other Guy by Burl Robertson, these episodes featured the Pappy Roy character and it was felt that he was meant to be quoted and not seen. Thus, these episodes were shown only once when the series originally aired and weren't included in the rerun package. Their current whereabouts remains a mystery.

However, I found the titles and plot descriptions of these missing episodes in old issues of TV Guide:

"Bret's Not in This Episode So Just Turn It to 'Ed Sullivan'" - Pappy Roy gets mad when Bart's episodes get bigger ratings than Bret's.

"The Maverick Conspiracy" - Bart uncovers a sinister plot to make Bret the only Maverick.

"Pappy Roy Doesn't Know Jack" - Pappy Roy must run for his life and become a fugitive when the Facebook Ladies and La Bartista take the Wayback Machine to 1959.

"Bart Has the Last Laugh" - Bart wins a mine in a poker game and drops a load of coal on Pappy Roy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jack Kelly - A 'Lost' Maverick Episode! ;->

The existence of a hitherto-unknown Maverick episode, "Pappy Roy Likes Me Better", was recently brought to light by one of the fabulous JK ladies on Facebook:
"In one memorable episode, 'Pappy Roy Likes Me Better', Garner appears at least 8' tall and Kelly about 4'7". Kelly reportedly did not resent this, telling one interviewer: 'Jim may be taller, but not that much taller. And I'm cuter. All the Facebook ladies say so'".
Armed with this amazing new info, I drove 150 miles, paid $20 admission, and dug diligently through 200 stacks of disorganized photos at the Chubby Johnson Memorial Western Film Festival held in Walgreen Corners, Ohio, this weekend. Eureka! I managed to find a publicity still from the "lost" Maverick episode, along with the original caption:
"SIZE MATTERS: The powers that be didn't think 8' tall James Garner ('Bret Maverick') looked tall enough, so they ordered 4' 7" Jack Kelly ('Maverick's brother') to hunker down some more for this scene from 'Pappy Roy Likes Me Better', an upcoming episode of the Maverick TV series. Kelly is pictured shooting at guest star Billy Barty (not shown)."