Friday, November 30, 2018

JK Loves A Parade Pt. V :)


There's already snow on the ground where I live, so let's hurry back to Jack Kelly and Barbara Nichols in sunny Palm Springs, California:

 Something's still holding their attention...
"The horses are going faster than we are!"
"I think he found the accelerator."
More fun to come--please stay tuned! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

JK Loves A Parade Pt. IV

Hello Everyone!

Make way for more pix scanned from the Kellection of Jack Kelly and Barbara Nichols at the 1961 Palm Springs Mounted Police Rodeo:

JK & BN stop to greet two of the Crosby brothers, who were the parade marshals. The brothers also had a gig going at the "Chi Chi" nightspot in Palm Springs. And, JK had played in their dad Bing's annual golf tournament the previous weekend. Plus, JK, BN & the Bros all appeared in What About Linda?, a TV appeal for the March of Dimes which was airing in syndication in January 1961.
JK starts signing autographs again and BN smiles at the kids. The lady onlooker seems caught up in it all.
Finally, BN gets to sign an autograph! Incidentally, about two weeks after the parade and rodeo in Palm Springs, she would be seen in probably her best-remembered role: As hospital patient "Liz Powell" in the Twilight Zone episode "Twenty Two" (with its creepy catchphrase "Room for one more, Honey").
JK's still busy, so BN makes the best of it.
What's everyone looking at?
You'll want to keep looking at TDS as the fun goes on. Please stay tuned! :)