Friday, April 8, 2011

Jack Kelly: The Dreaded Ruffled Shirt, or, Look What Else I Found! :)

Hi All!

Jack Kelly seems to be popping up all over YouTube lately. Here he is in "Enemies and Brothers", the second of two episodes of Laredo in which he appeared. His nom de pistolet may be "Bart" in this episode, but JK's not a good-guy gambler here. He's a no-good outlaw. JK is so good at playing bad, however, that he's still worth watching even as a baddie. Even in that shirt...

Speaking of shirts, the good guys are decked out in some of the most outlandish duds I've ever seen in a western. And, what's up with that jazzy score? And, that Texas Ranger with the mysterious European accent?

I'll ponder these questions some other time. Right now, here's "Enemies and Brothers":

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jack Kelly: Bart, Bret, and...Boone? :)

Hello Everyone!

Here's a pic of Bart and Bret. But, who's that tenderfoot in the middle with the white bucks? Another long-lost Maverick cousin?

Zoom out a little, and we can see, of course, that it's really Pat Boone, playing host to ABC's "top guns" (there's that phrase again!) Can you name the other Warner Bros. western stars shown here?

Jack Kelly: That Tall Dark Stranger Strikes Again! :)

Howdy Folks! As I've mentioned before, I especially love it whenever Jack Kelly is pictured as Bart Maverick wearing his dark cowboy clothes. So, I was delighted when the pic below recently joined the Kellection. I have a feeling you'll be delighted when you see it, too. :-)