Saturday, December 16, 2017

JK in "The Night Holds Terror" Pt. III

Back cover of Italian pressbook

Gene and his captors arrive at the Courtier home. Gene's wife, Doris, is frightened and anxious about the safety of their two children, Deborah and Steven, as their home is invaded by armed strangers.

Original still with the film's working title on the snipe. Caption reads: "GANGLAND TACTICS - John Cassavetes, David Cross and Vince Edwards hold Jack Kelly (center, seated) captive in Columbia's Terror in the Night,
produced and directed by Andrew Stone."

The Courtiers must remain silent about their situation or risk being hurt or worse by the trio. They turn away neighbors who show up unexpectedly. And, when Gene's father telephones, they cut the call short, not wanting to set off the kidnappers.

Original linen-backed still with Terror In the Night on the snipe
Another linen-backed Terror In the Night still 
Gosset, a ladies' man nicknamed "Dame Boy", gets drunk and tries to make Doris dance with him. Gene angrily throws a punch at him, only adding to the tension in the home.
After Batsford commandeers the master bedroom, Gene and Doris are forced to occupy a smaller room near the children.
Gosset, who is keeping watch as Batsford sleeps, nods off himself. When Logan momentarily steps away, Gene seizes his chance. He raises a pair of scissors over Gosset:
But, Logan returns before Gene can stab the slumbering hoodlum:
And, when Gosset awakes, he scuffles with Gene:
This still is from a newspaper archive. A clipping on the back dated 8/25/1955 is captioned: "With utter abandon, Courtier leaps at Gosset. There is some wild commotion for a few moments but Gene is battling against hopeless odds. One unarmed man against three gunmen is done for."
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