Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keeping Up With the Kellys :)

Hello Everyone!

It's time for another visit to the Kelly kastle, circa 1959.

Here, we find JK trying to learn a new song ("Freebird"?) on the guitar as Donna/May looks on. Check out the background, and we see such knick-knacks as a Humpty Dumpty doll and what appears to be a Donald Duck figurine. Love that ruffled gingham lampshade, too. And, dig JK's argyle socks! :)

The write-up accompanying the pic says, "Jack Kelly loves portraying the smooth card shark Bart Maverick in the top Warner Brothers-ABC Sunday night series. 'If I had lived in those days of the early west, that's probably exactly what I would have done.' Jack and his wife Donna (her movie name was May Wynn) often spend their free time reading plays out loud to each other. They love almost all sports, love to travel, read, paint and spend lazy Sunday mornings reading the funny papers. Donna has given up acting professionally and is hoping to start a family soon. Until that time, they are free to fly to New York when the feeling hits them or to a nearby course for golf."

Below, JK (and friend) coaches Donna on the course:

Finally, JK and May SHARE a moment at a western-themed benefit: