Friday, November 23, 2018

JK Loves A Parade Pt. III :)

Howdy Again!

I hope everyone shook off their turkey coma and survived the stampede of holiday shoppers, because it's "Black (and White) Friday" here on TDS!

Let's swing back to 1961 again and see what Jack Kelly and Barbara Nichols are up to as we continue our visit to the 21st Annual Palm Springs Mounted Police Rodeo.

It looks like JK is still signing autographs:

"'Thanks for being my friend...Er, is that 'Philomena' with a 'Ph' or with an 'F'?"

"I'm starting to get writer's cramp..."

So much is going on here: The ladies to the right are like, "I just got Bart Maverick's autograph!"; JK & BN are like, "Let's go!"; the gentleman to the left is busy reading the program; and the driver is like, "This is Jack Kelly's pen...I'll keep it so my grandkids can sell it some day on eBay!" ;>

"Drink your milk, young man, and you'll grow up to be big and strong like me."

The fun continues next time in TDS--please stay tuned! :)  

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

JK Loves A Parade :)


As promised, more images of Jack Kelly at the parade for the Palm Springs Mounted Police Rodeo in 1961 are coming up.

But first: what exactly was the Mounted Police Rodeo?

An editorial from a Palm Springs newspaper explains the serious reason for the festivities:

"This is Rodeo Week in Palm Springs, with two top days of action scheduled this weekend at the Polo Grounds, plus a Rodeo Ball Friday night and the traditional parade down Palm Canyon Drive on Saturday morning. And it's all for a good cause, with proceeds used by the Palm Springs Mounted Police to purchase additional rescue equipment, which is used in the pursuit of the organization's volunteer work as an auxiliary force of the Palm Springs Police Department. Their rescue work is well known, with members called upon day or night to travel hazardous mountain trails to locate missing or lost hikers. Without such a volunteer organization, this community would be forced underwrite a trained rescue crew. Let the community show its appreciation by supporting the 21st annual Rodeo this weekend and make it the biggest ever."

JK was announced as the parade's Grand Marshal on January 14:

An ad on January 26 drummed up more excitement:

As noted here before, Dorothy Provine was originally scheduled to serve as "Rodeo Queen", but had to drop out at the last minute due to an eye infection. So, Barbara Nichols became the substitute Queen.

On Saturday, January 28, literally thousands of people viewed the parade as it made its way down Palm Canyon Drive:

"A glittering star-studded Mounted Police Rodeo parade moved down Palm Canyon Drive at 10 a.m. sharp today, with one of the largest crowds ever attending...The parade was headed by Palm Springs Mounted Police color guard...The Marine Band from Twentynine Palms preceded a caravan of cars holding Grand Marshal Jack (Maverick) Kelly, Queen Barbara Nichols...and Palm Springs' own Joan Davis," read a newspaper account.  

So, now that we know the story of the parade, here's the star of the parade: JK! :)

All of the following images were scanned from original negatives in the Kellection:

 Here's a charming shot of JK and BN.
Gentleman Jack steadies Barbara's arm as she turns to give the photographer a saucy grin.
Let's zoom in for a close-up! :)
JK glances in the direction of some fans. I think the convertible is a 1961 Cadillac. 
(Note: For privacy purposes, I've blurred the clearly visible faces of bystanders who were not celebrities or parade officials.)
A killer close-up (sigh...)
JK is greeted by a group of young autograph seekers
I wonder what JK is saying?
"Hang on to this autograph--it'll be worth big bucks one day on eBay!" ;>
Babs waits patiently as JK signs more autographs
"Hey, who put invisible ink in my pen?"
Please stay tuned for much more fun with JK in TDS! :)