Monday, October 8, 2018

Three Days of "Night" Pt. II :)

Happy Monday!

Presenting an Italian pressbook for The Night Holds Terror:

I've actually had it for a little while and have shared the cover in TDS before. Here's the first inside page with a synopsis titled "Una notte senza fine" ("An endless night"):

The next page displays stills from the film (the text at the top translates as "Hours of uncertainty and a sudden decision"):

Please stay tuned for one more pressbook from The Night Holds Terror.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Three Days of "Night" :)


Three different pressbooks for The Night Holds Terror recently joined the Kellection and I'm here to share them with you in TDS.

First up: a French-language pressbook which screams the film's title (Nuit De Terreur) on its vivid yellow and white cover. Jack Kelly and his co-star Vince Edwards are pictured in a spooky illustration:

The next two images show the inside of the pressbook:

Finally, here's the back cover, which shows examples of posters and hair-raising phrases to use when publicizing the film such as "Vous aussi vous pourriez vivre cette...Nuit de Terreur!" ("You, too, could live this...Night of Terror!"):

Please stay tuned for a look at another pressbook for The Night Holds Terror.