Thursday, December 25, 2014

TBT--Merry Christmas Edition! :)

I know--every day is "Throwback Thursday" at TDS. But since today is also Christmas, I thought I'd share this 1970 pic of Jack Kelly guest starring on the NBC game show Concentration. JK is in the lower right corner of the pic (that's host Bob Clayton on the left).

It's kind of hard to tell, but JK is wearing a Santa suit. Concentration had a Christmas tradition of having "mystery" Santas play the game for charity, revealing their identities at the end of the episode. 
According to the Internet Movie Database, this episode aired 12/23/70. JK played for the charity CARE along with the late Joan Rivers. They were joined by 18 children from 12 different nations costumed in their native attire. JK was hosting Sale of the Century on NBC at the time, so he didn't have to travel very far to make his guest appearance.

I wish everyone a Christmas blessed with faith, family, friends and fun! :)