Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jack Kelly and James Garner: The Maverick Files?


Wow, just found this hot video on YouTube:

Of course, these clips are from The Rockford Files, which featured Jack Kelly as a guest star in two different episodes. The first series of clips is from "The Becker Connection", which can be viewed in its entirety on Hulu.com.

The second series of clips is from "
Beamer's Last Case."


  1. I remember when these episodes originally aired - I was in high school and was so excited that Jack and Jim would be reunited on "Rockford." It was so disappointing when Jack had only a few brief scenes with Jim in each episode, and in "The Becker Connection" you had to wait till nearly the very end to see them together. Oh well!

  2. Hi! I watched 'Rockford' when it originally aired, too, although I didn't remember the episodes with Jack Kelly. After I 'discovered' JK, I watched the 'Becker' episode on Hulu. Like you, I was disappointed. I thought, "What a wasted opportunity--here are 'the Maverick brothers' together again, and they didn't have a storyline that took advantage of their winning chemistry." Jack did well as the bad guy, even though they didn't give him much to do.

  3. I remember both "Rockford" episodes. I too was disappointed that Kelly and Garner shared only a few scenes in each. The same goes for the 1978 "New Maverick" TV movie and the short-lived "Bret Maverick" series in 1981, where Kelly and Garner again had only a few scenes together. But it certainly went a long way in proving that while these two men might not have been particularly close friends from the get-go, in the end they did like each other. I think it also proves that enough time had passed for them to carve out their own niche in life, and sort out all the nonsense from their "Maverick" days to see it as the fiercely competitve situation that it had been and how it had affected them both.