Friday, August 26, 2011

What About Jack? :)

Hello All!
Oh, the things one can find on YouTube...

You may have noticed a little item in Jack Kelly's filmography called What About Linda? This was an hour-long syndicated TV appeal for the 1961
March of Dimes campaign. It starred an adorable tyke named Linda Breese of Columbus, Ohio.

Its TV Guide listing says: "The March of Dimes sponsors this filmed show which features its 1961 poster child, Linda Breese. Linda gets lost on a Hollywood television set, and we see many stars, including Louis Armstrong, the Kingston Trio, John Raitt, Debbie Reynolds, the Crosby Brothers and Lee Marvin interrupting their acts to look for the little girl. Robert Cummings is host."

No, I didn't find the whole show, but I found the next best thing: the four-minute preview for the show. JK appears briefly, not as Bart Maverick, and not exactly as himself, either. And, he's a riot!

I hope someday his entire appearance can be found. Anyway, JK shows up at about 1:54. But, I suggest you fight the urge to fast-forward there the first time you watch it and just let the preview unreel from the start, because there are many other familiar faces I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing. :)


  1. What ABOUT Linda?! ROFL ... there's a good back-story to all this. Glad the book's almost ready to come out!

    Great sleuthing, as usual. ; >

  2. He looks like he's having a lot of fun with it!

  3. Thanks, Bartista...this is wonderful! Jack is great as a director, of a Western, no less. And, I loved so many of the other celebrities on the clip Bob Cummings is a favorite of mine from way back. Thank you for sharing this!

    -Janet T.

  4. Since Kelly was from Astoria, Queens, doing that accent was no stretch for him, that's for sure.

    One of those clips I had to see to believe. Always surprising to see all the different things he did during the twilight of "Maverick" and especially afterward. As you probably know, he was going to be a regular as Bart Maverick on the 2nd season of 1981's "Bret Maverick" but NBC shockingly canceled the series after the 1st season despite fair ratings, which was probably fallout from Garner's court battle with Universal over money owed him for "The Rockford Files."