Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Get Your Man Without a Gun :)

What's the deal with Bart Maverick?!
Did he just invent "52 Pickup"? Is he demonstrating his new card swallowing trick? Did Goldie step on his foot? 

Actually, Bart's clowning for this lovely lass, who wandered onto the Warner Brothers lot for a western-themed fashion shoot which appeared in a 1962 issue of Teenagers/Ingenue magazine: 

The text says, "...It's hard to outdo Bart Maverick's sleight-of-hand with cards. We'll bet high stakes, too, on the sleight-of-styling in these back and white striped cotton-ticking pants with a western hip-slung look and bell-bottom legs. Winningly paired with a red and white polka dot shirt and sash."

Bart's cowboy compadres "Deputy Johnny McKay" (Peter Brown of Lawman) and "Bronco Layne" (Ty Hardin of Bronco) also show up in the light-hearted layout.

And, in a special feature titled "How to Get Your Man Without a Gun", such "pistol packing western heroes" as Michael Landon of Bonanza and Eric Fleming of Rawhide give dating advice to teens. Bart Maverick's alter-ego Jack Kelly also contributes some wise words: 

"Be yourself, not a carbon copy of someone else. Don't cover up your personality with what you think a man wants you to be. Let Liz Taylor be herself; you be yourself. No man wants a counterfeit. Whatever you are is unique. I fell for a girl because there was nobody else like her." 

(JK's advice is still valuable today--even for those of us who said "Adios" to our teen years a while back. 

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  1. This is great, Bartista!! Thanks for sharing...I love to see JK smiling/clowning/enjoying life.

    -Janet T.